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Triflex online dating

In French, vehicle registration plates are called .

The latter makes a reference to the national mining administration, which was responsible for issuing the plates in the early 20th century.

Other combinations of letters were avoided in the previous system because they sounded vulgar to French speakers, such as KK, PD, PQ, QQ, and WC, but they were kept for the SIV.

The SIV system does not provide special plates for the government, army, police or any other organisation that did have such plates under the previous system.

The 1950 format uses a N X NN format, composed of a series of one to four numbers, one to three letters and a two-digit code corresponding to the département where the car is registered.

The international code for French plates is "F" (France).

It also excludes the SS combination because it is reminiscent of the Nazi organisation and WW in the first group of letters as it indicates a temporary plate.("vehicle registration system"), shortened in SIV, the current scheme was adopted in France in 2009 (15 April for new vehicles; 15 October for second-hand ones).It was inspired by the "AA-111-AA" format that was successfully adopted in Italy in 1994.Their vehicles display regular registration plates. As it is nationwide, the SIV system does not use geographical codes as did the previous system.At first, it was not planned to display the départments' codes on the new plates.

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However, these vehicles carry plates with fewer characters, such as AA-11-A.