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These services are discussed in the "Victim Services" section of this Guide.Back to Top In Arkansas, the prosecuting attorney is responsible for making the decision to charge a person with committing a crime based on the investigative information provided by law enforcement.It is intended to assist victims of crime in understanding the functions and responsibilities of criminal justice agencies.Another purpose of this guide is to inform crime victims of the various services that may be available to them.A Crime Victim's Guide to the Justice System in Arkansas was written to assist victims of crime in better understanding the Arkansas criminal justice system so they are more able to exercise their rights.It is also designed to inform victims of services available to them throughout the state including shelter, cash assistance, counseling, and private support organizations.Follow-up investigations can be conducted days, weeks, months, and even years after the initial investigation.

In less serious crimes, an offender may only be issued a citation ordering that they appear in court on a certain date.This guide is not intended as a legal reference or to provide legal advice, but as an aid to further understanding of the criminal justice system in Arkansas.A Crime Victim's Guide to the Justice System in Arkansas This guide provides an overview of the criminal justice system in Arkansas.This guide was produced by the Arkansas Crime Information Center.Although the material contained in this publication is believed to be accurate, readers should not rely exclusively on its contents.

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