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The gold standard for today’s online backup storage is Amazon’s S3 network architecture.Many companies have taken advantage of the scalability and security that S3 provides.The second tab labeled Backup Plans (the first being the Home page), allows you to view and edit your backup sets.This includes access to all of your backup plans regardless of the interface you choose to use.Backup Storage is the third tabbed option and allows a quick view of your backed-up data.From here, you can access or delete data that is stored online.Backup software often uses logs that combine all of this information into one interface.So it is nice to see that the information can be broken down to provide an easier way to search.

If you are opting for the trail version, make sure to select “request trial” when prompted for the installation key.But it instead allows you to enter your S3 account information and then handles the rest.It does this with other storage providers such as Microsoft’s Azure and Google Storage.This is good news when it comes to the price tag associated with the software.Purchasing the full version of Cloudberry Desktop Backup will run you .99.

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You have the option of downloading the complete software package or free trial from Cloudberry.