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Still, Park Bom received intense backlash for "smuggling drugs" into South Korea, and largely stayed out of the public spotlight ever since. I don't think people understand the situation quite well because they've never experienced say, anxiety or depression, which is why they probably won't believe Yang Hyun Suk when he says he's concerned for this. While the manner in which these two related incidents were handled by YG Entertainment is certainly up for debate — after all, shouldn't Bom be the one to speak for herself?

As a result, Yang Hyun Suk says he made the decision to end 2NE1. I think the YG people made the right decision."Others found his remarks hypocritical: "You want her to take care of her mental health and basically go and tell everyone she has mental problems. And some just flat-out disagreed with his approach: "' I'm sure' Bom would have wanted to continue? — with any luck, these situations can also hopefully aid in increasing dialogue and understanding of these issues in South Korea (and beyond) to destigmatize mental illness. 20), Park Bom uploaded two scans of her diary on Instagram. I just wanted to post this up to show it to my fans all around the world," she wrote.2NE1's final single, "Goodbye," will be released on January 21.

In the cuts, the idol star is spotted casually enjoying her meal with a man who seems to be in his 40-50s. You don't have to talk crap about BLACKPINK just caz you are defending 2NE1.

My ugly opinion huh, not the truth huh, that's rich coming from someone who just said in her comment that 2NE1 are queens and no one can replace them.

(English translation via Soompi.)"After ‘the incident (Park Bom’s drug scandal),’ the criticisms we received were endless.

But in addition to the stress and guilt from that, I’m sure Park Bom would have felt a strong determination to continue 2NE1.

Already, his response has garnered a strong reaction from fans around the world.“When Gong Minzy moved to a different agency, I wanted to save 2NE1.

What led to the decision to disband the group was the state of Park Bom’s mental health," he revealed during the interview.

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Drama depicts the delicate relationship between female university student Hong Seol (Kim Go-Eun) and her senior Yoo Jung (Park Hae-Jin). i felt a real atmosphere/aura through these events .. i can't imagine someone else except Park Hye Jin for Yoo jung's role or another actress takin' Kim Go Eun's place with Seoul's role! Good thing a movie is coming out and hope it removes the bad aftertaste left for many viewers of this superb superb story! I never had a 2nd male lead syndrome before but the eff! I wanna bitch slap Yoo Jung so damn hard for being fcking manipulative and hug Baek In Ho so very tight to ease all his burden. The characters are well potrayed andthe plot is quiet good. After all the story in the previous episodes, the ending is not as good as what i expect.

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