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No registration cam 2 cam

We do not share nor distribute your information with 3rd party entities. Britain's roads can be a dangerous place, and with the ever-increasing cost of car insurance, video evidence of any scrapes and shunts can help put your mind and wallet at ease.For instance, you can use one in Germany, but the footage can't be posted to You Tube or other social sharing services – you can only provide it as evidence to a German court.In Luxembourg, meanwhile, it's not illegal to own one, but recording any footage using one could land you with a fine or potentially a jail term.However, if you’re after something a little fancier to film track days or scenic drives, then a dash cam is unlikely to cut the mustard – in that instance it’s worth considering a pricier dedicated action camera, such as a Go Pro, which will provide vastly improved image quality.Read our pick of the best action cameras you can buy. These can be a little bulkier than single-camera models but will allow you to record both the front and rear view at the same time – meaning you’ll be better covered in the event of a collision.These tend to draw power from the fuse box, meaning the camera will power up at ignition.

Videos are stored on micro SD as usual, and owners have the option of watching video by transferring to the app over Wi-Fi, copying files straight off the card or by plugging in via the camera’s HDMI output.

2017 has seen the dash cam market go from strength to strength – after all, shelling out £100 or so on a dashcam is infinitely preferable to paying thousands of pounds for an accident that wasn't your fault.

Some countries – Russia, for one – have seen millions of drivers adopt dash cams in an attempt to stem the rise of crash-for-cash schemes and hit-and-run scammers.

Read next: The best micro SD cards to buy from £8Much like a satnav, most dash cams have suction mounts that allow the device to be securely fixed onto the vehicle’s windows.

Smaller models make it easy to attach a dash cam just behind the rear-view mirror, but it’s advisable to position any dash cam near the top of the windscreen rather than the bottom, if possible, as this will allow the cam to get a great, high-level view of the road.

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It still tops our leaderboard, however, due to its comprehensive set of features and its top-level image quality.

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