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) I’m thinking the public indecency charge is not going to look so hot on Holly J.’s Yale application.

gives thanks to Sav and his magical musical charms, by changing into a totally tarty outfit, and stripping for him in an abandoned classroom. began to tackle REAL issues that REAL teens faced everyday, like . Due largely to the success of the show, and the innate talents of its stars, many Then, there was Little Jimmy (played by Aubrey Graham), the Rich Kid Jock . as opposed to the 35- and 40-year olds who typically starred in teen television dramas at that time. Rape; Self-mutilation; Mental illness; Addiction to Prescription Pain Medication; School Shootings; and Zombies. Not only is Bianca a TOTAL HO, she also has a HUGE MOUTH (which, probably helped things along significantly in the Boiler Room, while these two were going at it). So, the now- heartbroken, still slightly- promiscious, Alli heads off to the Boiler Room with Big Bully, Small Willy, Owen . But then Drew’s MOM, who is some “big important” school superintendent, or something .

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And to make it up to Anya, Sav serenaded her with the cheesiest, most ear-splittingly bad song, EVER!

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