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So I would say this would be a good option for a person that is 25 and works in a 9 to 17 office job. I kid you not - the two are not quite identical (Code does boast more depth and is just better overall, whereas PE lasts longer), but the two are astonishingly similar - as in 360 Black could be a flanker of Armani Code (or vice-versa). 1) Armani Code is nice but if Perry Ellis has gotten to it, it ain't anything close to unique.At the beginning, I was getting a longevity of up to 3 hours and a slightly moderate sillage. Now with the last puffs out of it, I get a very soft sillage and feeling that after on hour is barely noticeable on my skin. And 2) Freaking Perry Ellis - yet again, producing a LEGITIMATE replacement to an product. All in all, good (not great) stuff, but if not for its superior blending, I'd be returning it for being so similar to the aforementioned cheapie.but i have an 8-year-old bottle of this that i just replaced, and the leather, olive leaf, and tobacco have been dropped right out of the bottom--it feels like the top half of the fragrance only. In my humble opinion, Armani code is a strong masculine scent.

A nice, pleasing, versatile fragrance with noticeable leather note.

On opening, the scent brings a strong dark leather memory in my head.

And memories of dark rainy nights of an early spring in Northern Europe.

Oh wow, leather, tobacco and tonka bean would step up.

Seductive, provocative and sexy warm masculine scent with crispy lemon zest and a bit of sweetness.

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Having witnessed my positive reaction, the DW took notice and decided to spring for a bottle of Armani Code for Christmas. It's the guy who manages to carve out a pretty good life for himself- great career, cars, property, financial security- yet still doesn't take himself too seriously. I think my dad got it about 10 years ago, so circa 2006-2007.

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