Grey's anatomy 10x07 subtitulada online dating

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Grey's anatomy 10x07 subtitulada online dating

She disinfects her hands while she says the residents are going to kill the most important patient she's ever had.Ben wants Halloween to be their family's thing, as it was his family's thing, so he proposes to take care of it.An extremely busy Meredith meets Derek in the hallways of the hospital.She hands him over the wings of Zola's butterfly costume and asks him to take care of the rip of the wings.Bailey smilingly reminds him that it's a holiday for children.

Jackson makes a comment about Stephanie coming back to work too early while she should stay at home for 2 days.

Bailey asks why she can't do the surgery, and thinks the interns are not ready, contrary to Richard.

He asks them to explain how they'd do the surgery, and suddenly Ben Warren answers his questions from the doorway.

"I'm a second year resident, 16 hours of recovery is already more than I can afford," Stephanie says.

She and Jo enter the small room with computers, where Jo informs her that Alex still hasn't talked to her, making her think their relationship is over.

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