Excel 2016 vba screenupdating not working

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Excel 2016 vba screenupdating not working

Events and Event Procedures were introduced in Excel97. Events and event procedures are the same for versions 97 through 2007.

No significant changes have been made to the event model since its introduction in Excel97.

Since VBA can cause an event procedure to run, it is possible that your code may end up in a loop.

If you see an item of interest, let go of the mouse button and the VBA editor will insert that event's procedure declaration in the code module.For information about supressing events for controls on a form, see Suppressing Events In User Forms.Events on Charts are a special case of events and need special code handling.OBJECT MODULES -- Everything related to event handling -- the definition of event procedures, creating a Learning What Events Are Available For An Object You can use the Object Browser in the VBA Editor to determine what events are avaiable for the three objects that generate events -- the Worksheet, the Workbook, and the Application.(See the notes on Chart Objects and Charts in the blue box in the objects.

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This is why it is good practice to let the VBA Editor insert your procedure shell. Getting Started With Events The easiest way to start with events and event procedures is to allow the VBA editor to build the shell code for you.

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