Dinner dating hertfordshire

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Dinner dating hertfordshire

Midday naps appear to lower blood pressure levels and decrease the number of necessary antihypertensive medications in men and women with high blood pressure, according to a press release from the European Society of Cardiology.Patients who slept for 60 minutes midday had significantly lower blood pressure compared to patients who didn’t sleep midday.A quick 20-30 minute nap can boost short-term alertness, according to the National Sleep Foundation.It won’t leave you in a grumpy, hazy fog or interfere with sleep later at night either.When we sleep, our brain is busy clearing out the toxic waste that’s been accumulating all day.In a study conducted on mice, published in the magazine , researchers found when mice napped the space between cells in their brains increased by 60 percent, allowing the flow of cerebrospinal fluid—as well as an Alzheimer's-linked protein—to flush through the brain very quickly.When they were woken, the flow in their brains was constrained.When you're tired, you usually get hungry because you're body is urging you to get energy.

The other half followed the same schedule, only they were allowed to take a 30-minute nap the day after their sleep was restricted.

They split the group in two, taught each 90 words and 120 unrelated word pairs (like “milk taxi”), then allowed one half to nap for 45-60 minutes while the other watched a DVD.

The snoozers’ memories were amplified five-fold, according to the study, which was published in the journal Research from Georgetown University’s Center for Functional and Molecular Imaging in Washington indicated that when people nap, the left brain—known for logic and analyzing—rests and is relatively at peace quietly, while the right side of the brain—in charge of creativity and big-picture thinking—communicates with itself and the right side of the brain. If you’re sleep deprived, take a 30-minute nap; it can help your immune system, according to a small study published in The researchers collected urine and saliva samples from 11 young, healthy men each day to measure their levels of norepinephrine—a substance typically released when the body is under stress, which increases heart rate, constricts blood vessels, and raises blood pressure and blood sugar.

You probably already realized taking a mid-day nap boosts your mood, but now there's new scientific evidence from the University of Hertfordshire to back it up.

In a study of over 1,000 participants, 66% of those who took short naps (30 minutes or less) during the day reported feeling greater overall happiness than those who took longer naps (over 30 minutes), or no naps at all.

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Subjects who were allowed to take a 30-minute nap after after performing two of four visual task sessions on a computer prevented extended deterioration of their performance, while a one-hour nap actually boosted their performance in the remaining third and forth sessions.

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