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With all the respect for the privacy of your life, we would like to read your testimony here. It may motivate current students to continue working in their programs of study, it may encourage BIU graduates to aim high in their personal lifes and professional affairs, it may help the decision of those candidates who are now considering Bircham International University a suitable option for their future education. Learning from BIU is unique, and its learning sessions are different from on campus learning universities.In my opinion BIU fulfilled international learning and teaching standards (i.e.Die Ba Fin schreitet gegen Unternehmen ein, die ohne Erlaubnis Bank-, Versicherungs- oder Wertpapiergeschäfte betreiben.Sie kann außerdem Maßnahmen gegen beaufsichtigte Banken, Versicherer und Wertpapierdienstleister erlassen.

I still remember when i was collecting some of my colleagues to join this university with me and how hard it was to convince them to do their masters through distance learning.

I strongly hope that the Afghanistan will be peaceful, and I will be able to benefit from my experience and knowledge of the topic/subject I studied during my Ph. studies for the rehabilitation, education and prosperity of Afghans as a member of the global community.

I wish all of you further success in spreading education globally and helping the human communities in development activities." Abed Al Hafiz Al Atassi (Syria): Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration - Completed: 2012Master's Degree in Business Administration - Completed: 2012TESTIMONY: "It was great meeting other graduates at the UAE Dubai Graduation in 2015." Adão Henrique Saldanha Ribeiro Pizarro (Portugal): Specialist Diploma in Natural Heath - Completed: 2011TESTIMONY: "Tive a felicidade de conhecer a Bircham University.

Especially I thank you Prof." Abdul Hannan Kakar (Afghanistan): Master's Degree in Community and Social Development - Completed: 2012TESTIMONY: "This is to confirm the receipt of my master degree and the supporting documents.

I take this opportunity to thank you for your professional and timely correspondence and excellent support throughout my degree program.

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