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In the end, the nine stand in civilian clothing (and 003 holding 001), as for the time, they can now go back to their average lives and have peace from Black Ghost.

Cyborg 009 is a manga series by Shotaro Ishinomori.

It was first published on July 19, 1964, and concluded regular serialization in 1981, with a brief further serialization occurring in 1985.

It was his first major success, with it introducing manga's first super-powered team.

The earliest signs of the film's production can be seen in some early 1966 concept art by Ishinomori, done after discussions with the film planner Yoshifumi Hatano and the changes that the production team planned to make to the characters.

Many aspects were to be significantly altered in the movie, some to the frustration of Ishinomori.

Outside, as they attempt to get back to their ship, they find more Black Ghost soldiers waiting- along with the other 00 cyborgs, who have come just in time to shoot the soldiers and assist their teammates.

The nine cyborgs narrowly escape the exploding island.

The manga was ultimately unfinished due to Ishinomori's death in 1998.009 then discovers that the true leader of Black Ghost is a brain inside a machine, and shoots at it, causing the brainwashing on 003 to be broken.But with the base set to explode, they must escape.In being taken to the Black Ghost base, Joe is found to have gone into cardiac arrest, being clinically dead and necessitating the replacement of his heart, and the Black Ghost scientists set to work on remodeling the rest of his body.Joe awakens later on in a strange white uniform, but is quickly put through endurance tests, eventually winding up in the ocean and emerging to find the scientists congratulating him.

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